1977-2017: ICEI 40th anniversary

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This year ICEI – Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale celebrates 40 years of unbroken work. Founded in 1977 with the aim of providing information, research and debate on the major issues of international politics and development, ICEI has extended his field activities since the early 2000s: we have been working together with many partners in Europe and in developing countries, dealing with agriculture, responsible tourism, social cohesion, environmental protection, territorial development, labour inclusion and youth, gender, migrations.

What we realized in 2016
The youth was at the core of the ICEI projects in Italy/Europe area in 2016. Particularly, we started a relevant intervention strategy focused on professional education and support to the entrepreneurship of young people coming from Italy or other third countries, at risk of socio-economic exclusion.

Abroad ICEI projects were focused on environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, paying special attention to local communities. In Mozambique we realized a project on environmentally sustainable management of natural resources, in the protected area of Ilhas Primeiras e Segundas (APAPS), in the Pebane District (province of Zambezia), where fishing activities and agriculture are essential for community subsistence. In Sri Lanka we pursued integrated rural development projects applied to the two traditional food chains of rice and spices, accomplished the construction of the Spice Unit and of a new laboratory for the introduction of an organic biofertilizer developed by the research team.

2017 for ICEI
During the first months of this year we have started a new project in Mozambique, called FORESTE, to strengthen the resilience of rural communities and to create eco-sustainable territorial systems, through agricultural practices based on agroforestry systems, which are inspired by syntropic agriculture, in the Mocubela District (Province of Zambezia).
In Myanmar we are working for a responsible tourism project, called EPIC, focused on economic development of Inle Lake communities through cultural and natural heritage promotion.

In Italy we are developing intervention lines on social and labour inclusion of vulnerable groups: in Milan 40 young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years are attending our free training courses and incubation for self- entrepreneurship, replied at the same time in Madrid and Lisbon thanks to a European partnership.

Why choosing ICEI
Devoting your 5×1000 to ICEI, you can have the opportunity to choose directly interventions and projects you want to support; it is a smart way to tell your will to make the world a better place, together with us. In 40 years ICEI combine international cooperation with research and innovation, project sustainable interventions, built community development opportunities, integration and social cohesion, promoting collective well-being.

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