Intercultural citizenship

Though registering a slowdown due to continuing economic crisis, migration is constantly escalating in recent years, and according to estimates it is going to remain a major issue in the next decades both in departure and destination countries. ICEI has been increasingly concerned with the issues of migration and social cohesion, in a local/domestic perspective but also in a wider global context including Souther countries. ICEI has identified two intervention lines: “Migration” and “Intercultural citizenship”, both in order to promote the positive role of migration, by valorizing the opportunities brought about by migrants, and to facilitate social and/or economic inclusion paths, based on an intercultural and two-directional approach, for vulnerable population groups (both migrants and not) in Italy and in Europe.

The intervention lines are:

  • Cooperative paths to support the return and reintegration of migrants in their countries of origin, in view of valorizing their contributes to local development.
  • Innovative paths for work and social integration, sinergically with other actors – public and private, profit and nonprofit, locally (Milan), in Italy and Europe – by coordinated actions: from training to experimenting micro-entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Supporting and working with foreign communities (both associated and not, of recent immigration and not) to enable them to be active protagonists in their local context, in a process perspective going beyond the single project.