ICEI believes that companies, as key actors for development, can substantially contribute to create social value, in Italy and worldwide alike.

Always concerned with values (reputation, customer loyalty, image, etc.) as well as with creating new business opportunities, commercial bodies are definitely more oriented toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) than they were in the past. The will to actively intervene in the social and economic conditions, in Italy and abroad, is growing more and more.

Being together to do together

We have been working for years with many companies who have chosen to link their brand to ours.

For each of them, collaborating with us implies more than being sensitive and paying attention to the surrounding world: it reflects an evolved attitude to be protagonist of development and change.

We have only developed partnerships with companies respectful of human rights, of labor rights and the environment. ICEI first relies on a useful tool to select companies, that is the SA8000 International Standard.

Many ways to work together

Sponsoring projects
A company may participate to implement a development project also by funding single activities.
This kind of partnership, linking the brand of your company to a single ICEI project, guarantees constant monitoring of activities and financial reporting of implemented projects, also supporting the communication of common actions.

Cause-Related Marketing
From simply donating a share of the sales of one or more products/services to building a proper strategic alliance, developing in time to an integrated communication campaign.

Payroll giving and matching gift schemes
By this kind of partnership the company promotes donations by its employees, who choose to support ICEI’s projects by a monthly donation or by giving up one or more hours of paid leave whose amount is directly withheld from the payroll (payroll giving). The company may also opt to double the amount of the donation in favor of ICEI (matching gift), enhancing the commitment of its employees and reinforcing the sense of sharing the project.

Hosting events
The companies’ headquarters can also play a relevant role for dialogue, information and sensibilization activities, by hosting events, meetings, press conferences etc.

ICEI can act as partner in training on several subjects: cooperation and development, food security and sovereignty, environmental protection and biodiversity, diffusion of a culture of access to food as a fundamental human right, peoples’ economic, social and cultural rights, migration and integration, responsible tourism.

Incentives and travel awards
Through AITR (Associazione Italia Turismo Responsabile), of which ICEI is founding member, we provide the opportunity to arrange travels and incentive activities, respectful of social and economic fairness, environment and cultures.

Corporate Christmas gifts
You can make Christmas gifts into a concrete opportunity of development  by helping one of ICEI’s projects. We shall support this choice by a customized communication campaign targeted at customers, suppliers and employees.. 

All donations to ICEI are tax deductible.