The first study visit of the project MILE took place in Innsbruck  from the 27 to the 29 of March and was organised by the partner partner Verein Multikulturelle.

The visit gave all participants the opportunity to explore and get to know better the Austrian system on labour integration of migrants and foreign workers, thanks to organizations from both the public sector, institutions, private companies and social-led organizations. It was also an important moment to share best practices among public and private organisations at EU level, exchanging and disseminating information on various topics related to work integration of non-EU citizens, such as type of migration into the country, migrants’ skills assessment, training and job guidance services and methodologies.

Overall, it has been not only a pleasure but also a great opportunity to get in touch and explore the Austrian reality. We look forward to continue investigating and researching these topics in such a valuable way and we thanks particularly Verein Multikulturelle for their hospitality and the opportunities they provided!

Participants to the study visit were 23 experts coming from 7 countries, 8 partners, 7 associates and 3 external stakeholders.

What is project MILE about?

The project MILE Migrants Integration in the Labour market in Europe aims to develop, implement and mainstream an effective model of multiple services for the integration of Third-Country Nationals into the labour market, based on multi-sectorial competences, mobilisation of actors and migrants’ cultural, social and economic needs.

The project specific objectives are to:

  • Enhance the competences of stakeholders in the field of integration in the labour market, including employers, in addressing TCNs’ needs and potentials
  • Develop and implement with the third country nationals a methodological scheme to promote their integration in the labour market, via a structured and continuous involvement of employers

The project is carried out in 4 European countries and 5 cities, MilanViladecansInnsbrukAthens and Patras.

MILE works with migrants living in these areas, and in particular with:

– 120 migrants (including 20 refugees), who are trained and supported through the MILE model (ad-hoc training, tutoring, work experience and post-placement support);

– additional 400 migrants, who benefit of the partners’ improved and strengthened training, employment and job guidance services.

Moreover, MILE engages:

– Employers and employers’ associations;

– Public and private stakeholders working for the work integration of migrants;

– Local and EU citizens.


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MILE is a project funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.