The title of the meeting was: “Explaining interculturality: how do you present, discuss & defend intercultural policies at the local level” and will be an opportunity for reflection  on two main questions:

– How to communicate  effectively  intercultural policies and strategies to citizens?
– How to establish a continuing and structured dialogue on this issue?

In addition, the meeting will also provide occasion for discussing the progress made so far. Much progress has been made in recent years to increase the general consensus by policy makers and public officers on the positive impacts of adequately implemented  intercultural actions.
However, such policies are often framed in a stereotyped vision  of the phenomenon of migration, described as negative, a political discourse often used as scapegoat  in many European countries. In this general context, therefore, the viability of intercultural policies is threatened by negative feelings affecting the perceptions of many social groups. However, just in this historical moment, working to widen consent and to foster a positive climate for implementing intercultural actions is a fundamental prerequisite for  inclusive polices, as well as an urgent priority, considering the increasingly tense climate of fear, violence and discontent.

How then can policy makers present, discuss and uphold intercultural policies and actions in this critical conditions? The workshop intends to provide answers to these questions  and will enable participants to acquire tools  to present, discuss and uphold intercultural policies through:

– empowerment of the ability to effectively address the challenges of face-to-face communication;
– strengthening existing networks (Rete Città del Dialogo, ANCI, etc.) in the long term, in order to contribute to establish a favorable political climate in local contexts, by promoting intercultural communication and inclusion.
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