The 23rd and the 24th of October, the city of Haifa (Israel) hosted a study visit for the cities of the Intercultural Cities Programme, promoted by the Council of Europe, whose aim is to valorise the diversity in the intercultural   cities of the world.

ICEI took part in the meeting as coordinator of the Italian Network of “Città del Dialogo, part of the ICC programme.

A rich agenda of discussions, case studies, visits and presentations of initiatives gave to the participants the opportunity to reflect on the good practices and good politics used by Haifa, the most multicultural city of Israel, to transform the rich cultural and religious diversity of the city in a big strength.

Cradle of the Israel Jewish community for more than twenty years, today Haifa is home for a big variety of communities and religions, and, moreover, a place of constant immigration.

The aim of the study visit to Haifa was to show how the open management of public urban spaces can allow and promote the interaction between cultures and the dialogue between religions. In addition, a shared vision of art and culture can contribute to create a peaceful cohabitation for citizens.

In this regard, the participants visited some of the main cultural and religious places of the city, where different ethnic groups and cultures meet every day. Among them, there was the visit of the Hayam neighbourhood, guided by the residents, an artistic path in the Arab quartier of Wadi Nisnas and a visit to the Elias Cavern, sanctuary for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions.

Study visits like this one in Haifa represent an important moment of meeting and sharing of ideas and experiences among the intercultural cities of the world. Those moments are essential to operate together in order to transform the cultural diversity in a big advantage and in a source of growth for the multicultural cities of the world.
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