Dear ICEI partners and friends,

At the beginning of this year, when we started to plan the events to celebrate our 40th birthday since ICEI foundation,  we couldn’t imagine to end this year with such beautiful news: we are very proud to announce that ICEI has been honoured of the so called Ambrogino d’oro, the most important Civic Merit, conferred by the Municipality of Milan.
Each year, during the patron day’s festival of Milan (Sant’Ambrogio, on the 7th of December), a narrow group of entities and people is honoured with this renowned recognition.

This award moves us deeply because it represents a symbolic “hug” from the City of Milan, where we were born 40 years ago and where we have been working to affirm our commitment as civil society organization, both in Italy and at international level.

This prestigious aknowledgment inspires us in renewing our commitment. Our history during these past decades has been possible thanks to our partners and sponsors trust and support in Italy, in Europe and in the South of the world.

Our roots have always been in Milan, where we were born in 1977, even though we work in Italy as well as Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. We’ve always cultivated our relations within the community of Milan, through various trainings and events about international cooperation, environment, migration issues, sustainable agriculture and social coheson. If Milan is considered an European and International City is also because of many realities based here, aiming to widen their perspective to the world and working to change it.

This aknowledgment honoured us and motivate us to enhance the model we have implemented throughout 40 years: from the local dimension to global level. Our local is Milan, our global the world.
We’re glad to represent the Italian solidarity values all around the world and be a reference institution in the city where we are based.

Thank you to all of you, thank you to the people and the institutions that stand by our side.

Alfredo Somoza

Foto: OmniMilano