A new concreate  result  achieve d within the european project    MILE – Migrants Integration in the Labour market in Europe, co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).
MILE – Migrants Integration in the Labour market in Europe aims to develop, implement and mainstream an effective model of integrated services for the inclusion of Third-Country Nationals in the labour market, based on multi-sectorial competences,  involving employers and varios stakeholders.

The project research has  been published  recently, engaging 171 employers (including some associations of employers) in the 4 countries.   The  title of the research is “Voices of European Employers: Challenges and benefits of the inclusion of migrants in the labour market. Evidences from Italy, Austria, Greece and Spain.”

In fact,   from March to May 2019, MILE partners carried out a desk, quantitative and qualitative research.

Main areas of investigation included:

1) challenges, obstacles and opportunities for third-country nationals labour integration;
2) needs of the employers in terms of diversity management;
3) skills and occupational profiles needed by companies and the labour market.

The aim of the MILE research was to take a snapshot of current experiences, challenges, needs and reccommendations in the targeted areas.

Among key findings:

1) scarce knowledge by employers on hiring policies that encourage diversity;

2) legal issues and the restricted right to work in host countries

3) little knowledge of host countrie’s language by migrants, indicated as main barriers in employing non-EU workers;

4) a very positive experience by companies who have employed/are employing third country nationals.



To know more about these findings, visit our website (www.projectmile.eu) and read the Executive Summary or the Complete Research published here.