On April 13th during the National Social Day event (in the framework of the project “Social Day: new citizens from local to global“, co-financed by the Italian Development Cooperation Agency) – the Technical Institute for Tourism C. Varalli has conducted the “Migrant5: a journey through the various cultures of the zone 5” of the city of Milan. The Migrant5 is the result of the work that 7 boys and girls (Italian and foreign) of the IIIBT and IIIET classes of the Institute have been carrying out since the beginning of the year, with the support of their teachers and ICEI staff.

During these months, the students involved have explored the area 5 of Milan, where their school is located, to discover how the migrations – both from Southern Italy in the years of the economic boom, and in recent years from the South of the world – have changed the face of the city and how they have enriched this peripheral area.

The students have then elaborated a real touristic itinerary based on responsible tourism principles, to discover the places of migrant communities. In fact, they have identified the most significant places, have collected data and information on migrations in the city and in the neighborhood and prepared presentations and activities to share the cultural heritage of immigrants in Milan.

On April 13th, the students involved finally led their classmates to the Migrant5 tour, based on 8 different stages.
They explored several topics such as:

• How has housing changed in the city of Milan, for example in the Chiesa Rossa Park? As explained by Rita, a girl from Milan;
• How many students are there in Milan and where are they from? What problems they are facing? What are the remittances and how much they count for the immigrants? Thanks to the presentation of Sara, a girl born in Milan from parents of southern Italy;
• What is Halal cuisine and why do Islamic girls wear the veil? Thanks to Hadil, born in Milan from Egyptian and Algerian parents;
• What are some of the culinary products typical of South American countries? Thanks to Giuliana, who arrived in Milan from Brazil. All the people participating in the tour had the opportunity to taste the Goyabada and the Dulce de Leche;
• What does the Naga do for foreign people? Thanks the explanation presented by a representative of this volunteering association founded in 1987, which promotes and protects the rights of foreign citizens.

Marina, of Egyptian origin, and Alessia took care of the communication staff and pay attention to all relevant logistic details, while Marco explained the objectives of the project and guided all the presents in a game to discover the dozens of cultures in the area 5.
La Cordata – a social cooperative that offers hospitality and integration proposals to students, workers, families, foreigners, minors, single mothers with children and people with disabilities – has also participated in the tour, with its contact person, as well as with 3 unaccompanied foreign minors, who brought their testimonies to all the other participants.

Stay tuned to discover other Migrant5 events!

Social Day: new citizens from the logics to the global” is a project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. The following Organisations take part in it:
Ong Fratelli dell’Uomo, Adelante cooperativa sociale, Progetto Mondo Mlal, Mlal Trentino, NATs per…, Samarcanda Cooperativa Sociale, Associazione Occhi Aperti, Kirikù Cooperativa Sociale, ICEI, Insieme Cooperativa Sociale, Radicà Cooperativa Sociale, La Locomotiva Cooperativa Sociale.

For further information: www.socialday.org