In November 2017, ICEI implemented many training activities together with the classes involved in the project “Social Day: new citizens from local to global level“, developing these sessions within the High School Institute Varalli Istituto Tecnico per il Turismo e Liceo Linguistico.

As a matter of fact, the 11th grade students took part in a number of meetings focusing on migrations and on other issues related to this topic, as international cooperation, responsible tourism, rights. Together with ICEI trainers, the students involved got the chanche to reflect on migratory movements towards Milan at the beginning of the XXth and on the impact they have in shaping Milan and its urban context. The students involved were also encouraged to reflect on the reasons related to migrations, their actual main characteristics, those stereotypes often connected to this topic and the political decisions of opening or closing the borders coming from countries of destination. By doing so, the students involved started a reflection aiming to elaborate a new and different description of migrations, through a positive and realistic point of view, and to discover the reality surrounding them from a different point of view.

Besides that, the students involved had a focus on the Social Day event, its values and principles and they have worked together to choose which project of international cooperation they want to support through the Social Day 2018.

And to prepare a concrete event during the Social Day 2018 in the coming months some youngsters will elaborate some responsible tourism pathways and later they will actually guide their public through a the “Migrant Milan” tours, to show migrant communities’ places and deepen the knowledge of Milan, starting from a different perspective.

This work will have its peak during the Social Day event: the 14th of April 2018. On that day, the students taking part in the project will have the chance to involve other citizens and show them what they had elaborated during the previous phases and the students will involve their public audience to join the touristic pathways created.  By doing so, the young tourist guides will tell them an unique and innovative story of Milan and will let their public audience discover new streets and places, highlighting the importance of intercultural dialogue and inclusive societies.

Social Day: new citizens from local to global level” project is founded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.
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