The rapid demographic growth of migrants got deeply different religions and cultures to live together in the same neighborhood , with low integration of foreigners in the neighborhood’s life. Sono proprio i giovani stranieri, gli adolescenti in particolare, a vivere le esperienze di un confronto-scontro.
The number of non-profit associations in the neighborhood is considerable, but those dealing with migration are very few (just 2). This lack results in low cultural and social representation of foreign residents’ communities, preventing the possibility of any intercultural exchange and therefore of any bonds.

The project has as general objective to reinforce social bonds and cohesion in the neighborhood of Dergano (Area 9 of the municipality of Milan) by building social innovation processes to activate new participation forms of local communities and the individuals, engendering opportunities for social and economic growth locally.

  • 800 children, of which over 40% of foreign origin, attending the Bodio-Guicciardi school complex, their families and teachers;
  • 370 children (of which over 40% of foreign origin), adolescents and youths (secondary and high schools) attending the center for socialization of young people ” L’amico Charly onlus”
  • 250 families in the neighborhood
  • 130 users of the school of Italian language for foreigners  “Asnada”


In order to facilitate the exchange of information and relations, an online communication platform and a Facebook page have been created.
The single project steps have been implemented as co-projectation actions among associations and residents of the neighborhood.
The actions of the project led to the realization of 3 neighborhood gardens (schools “Bodio e Guicciardi”, Giardin-orto of “Amico Charly”), 10 condominium cocktails/dinners and neighborhood services (baby sitting service, neighborhood brewing, catering)