The project “Evolving Futures: Youth participation in EE24 and beyond”, financed by the European Parliament, was created in view of the European Elections to be held between 6 and 9 June 2024.

The project promotes the empowerment of young citizens and youth workers through communication initiatives in order to foster their democratic participation in building the present and the future of the European Union.

In the wake of the Cities of Dialogue Network, the Italian network of intercultural cities adhering to the Intercultural Cities Programme of the Council of Europe – coordinated by ICEI, through the involvement of youth centres we promote policies and actions aligned to the values of the European Union such as interculturality, integration and democratic participation. It is crucial to develop programmes dedicated to local civil societies to foster the empowerment of young people and their involvement in building more democratic and inclusive communities.

Indeed, ‘Evolving Futures’ sees young people as key actors in building Europe’s future. Using a participatory and inclusive approach, the project involves 6 youth groups and youth workers to activate local communities in participating and building the future of the European Union.

Through discussion forums, civic action workshops, public events and an engaging communication campaign, young people will be called upon to be protagonists of change in Europe.

The overall aim of the project is to contribute to increasing civic participation in the European Union and in the European elections 2024 by supporting the sense of belonging to the values of Europe and the role of young citizens and youth workers in the cities involved as key actors for the future of Europe.

Main objectives are:

  • Raising young people’s awareness of the democratic values of the EU and the importance of participating in the European elections 2024.
  • Supporting civic participation of young people and local organisations in building the future of Europe.

The project aims to reach:

  • 5 civil society organisations cooperating with youth centres.
  • 75 young activists cooperating with civil society organisations and local authorities in order to promote democratic values and participation.
  • 800,000 Italian citizens are reached through the implementation and dissemination of awareness-raising messages on the benefits of European democratic values and the link between the European Elections 2024 and the future of their communities.

Project activities

The main project activities include:

  • Local discussion forums. In each city, youth groups and youth workers will be asked to hold a discussion forum on their perceptions of voting and elections in Europe.
  • Civic Action Workshops. Through the Future Thinking methodology, participants will reflect on the results of the Forum and will be actively involved in imagining the future, creating alternative paths in which they will be protagonists of change. Special emphasis will be placed on voting as an immediate tool for shaping the future.
  • Creative workshops. Accompanied by media and social media experts, young people will be supported in expressing their vision of the future through the use of creative tools. The result will be a dynamic product aimed at disseminating the future vision of the young generations for a more engaged and democratic European society.
  • Local public events. The youth centres will organise a local awareness-raising event open to the community in order to present the journey and promote the mobilisation of young activists, critical thinking and awareness of the democratic potential of the European Union.
  • Communication campaign. The communication materials designed by the young people in the activities will be used to build a communication campaign to promote the value of voting in the European elections and the relative importance of the role of young people as promoters of change.