The initiative takes place in Mozambique, in the Pebane ( Province of Zambezia), one of the poorest district in the country.
The project aims to foster and increase food security for the inhabitants of 6 rural communities, through an integrated system of: agro-forestry production, protection and restoration of natural resources and recognition of the right to land, thus avoiding the stealing of timber and stock fish by external private entities.

In particular, the project intervenes for:

  • Differentiate and increase agro-forestry-pastoral and fish production in terms of environmental sustainability:
    1. Production activities based on Agroforestry Systems (SAF)
    2. Construction of 6 family-run aquaculture units
  • Restore degraded ecosystems (mangroves and forests) and obtain recognition of the rights to use land and use its resources at Community level for the protection of food and natural resources:
    1. Introduction of energy efficient stoves
    2. Reforestation of 6 communities
    3. Training and awareness for the creation of community management committees