The project aims to contribute to increasing awareness among young people in Italy concerning the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), still unknown by the majority of under-40s, and to create greater consensus on the role and importance of development cooperation for the resolution of major global issues, among which specifically those related to the migration phenomenon. Today, this phenomenon, which impacts Italy especially on the Africa-Europe trajectory, far from being an emergency in numerical terms, brings with it the need to be understood, in its structural dimension and its root causes, both to curb the current increase in insecurity related to this issue in the country, never so high since 10 years, and to better understand the reasons of those who are fleeing their country today. To deepen these causes is extremely relevant to understand how, even a migration undertaken for reasons unrelated to wars or conflicts, is, in many cases, forced (due to extreme poverty, increasing inequality, poor access to health and education services, changes climate change, food insecurity, etc.). It is also necessary to improve perceptions, especially among young people, in relation to development cooperation, engaging youth in direct dialogues with local and national decision makers.

“The general objective of the project is to contribute to the achievement of a greater consensus among the Italian citizens regarding the need to implement a national development cooperation policy aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Specific objectives:

  • Increase the awareness and active engagement of young people (11-35 years) throughout Italy to support the importance of development cooperation in solving global challenges, in particular those related to the root causes of migration

ICEI will in particular be involved in launching formal education courses in 5 schools in Milan and in implementing two laboratories of active citizenship aimed at giving young people the tools to pass from understanding to action. ICEI will also coordinate the Regional Table, where the students will be able to elaborate a document of recommendations for a territorial cooperation aimed at empowering young people in the South of the World and at fostering the concepts of inclusion and cohabitation in Italy.

At least 39.637 young people aged between 11 and 18 years/old will be direct beneficiaries of the project, which will improve their knowledge on issues related to the fight against global poverty, inequality and climate change. Additionally, at least 87,820 young people aged between 14 and 35 y/o will be engaged in promoting development cooperation. Other direct beneficiaries of the project will be: teachers, MAECI and other national institutions.

Indirect beneficiaries of the project will be: associations, local and national media, other organizations.


To achieve the project objectives, the following main activities will be promoted:

  • Development and creation of teaching materials and training of trainers on the issue of migration and its root causes (poverty, inequality, climate change)
  • Formal education paths for both students and teachers
  • Laboratories of active citizenship, aimed at elaborating and implementing public initiatives for cooperation
  • Territorial campaigns (flashmob, events, videos, exhibitions, etc.) conceived and realized by young people
  • Regional and national round tables, for the definition of a set of recommendations for cooperation and global citizenship education “from young people to young people”
  • Final national event, for the official presentation of the document and to award the best initiatives