The project intervenes in the area of the Metropolitan City of Milan, which in 2014 reached a tax of young people unemployment equal to 21.2% (Source: Istat). Between the ages of 15 and 34 years, the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) in Lombardy are around 260.000, while just in the city of Milan they are around 78.000 units.
Young residents with low level of education have a third of chances to be excluded from the world of education and work; this probability increases up to 70% in case of young migrants, raising the spreading of marginalization, misdemeanors (petty crimes), exclusion.
Young people from suburbs of the metropolitan city, both in a geographical and social sense, is more difficult to access entrepreneurial training courses, to be acquainted with opportunities of being updated or employed, to be firmly integrated in work market, to be related with professionals of entrepreneurship world.

The general objective of the project is to contribute to the implementation of new practices in the field of supporting entrepreneurship for work inclusion of vulnerable youth in the city of Milan. The specific goal is to promote integrated services, through multidimensional partnership, to develop and support entrepreneurial activities of social innovation developed by young people at risk of socio-economic exclusion.
The goal of this initiative is to experiment an innovative development entrepreneurial model, creating customized means and services for social vulnerable youth, supporting the spreading of entrepreneurial culture and providing services specifically conceived to take into account needs (and possibilities) of this target. In addition, the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities is conceived to strengthen social tissue of peripheral areas of Milan, with activities of sensitization and social cohesion apt to promote active participation and protagonism of young citizens.

Direct beneficiaries of the intervention are young citizens at risk of socio-economic exclusion, between the ages of 18 and 35 years, coming from Italy or other third countries. Beneficiaries belong to the category of the so-called NEET and of young people with fewer opportunities for job placement and access to resources such as: information and knowledge, training tools and acquisition/widening of skills, funding.
Non-direct recipients are associations of young people and third-sector entities, which work with inclusion of vulnerable young people, intercepting their needs and potenzials.

Planned activities

The local net of the city of Milan, made of actors with different nature and competences, will be strengthened in taking charge of the needs related to a starting business and the self-employment of young people at risk of vulnerability. Through a constant work of networking and strengthening of competences, the initiative will contribute to create an enabling environment, which could become social laboratory able to promote entrepreneurship of under 35 young people in context at risk of exclusion.
An experimental accompanying path, divided into three steps (information/sensitization, formation and accompanying/incubation) will be realized in the interest of young aspiring entrepreneurs, enhancing their socio-cultural peculiarity through a social tutoring service.