This project is included in the frame of a European action implemented by a group of agencies and bodies of 5 EU countries, aimed to promote critical thinking and sensibilize to human rights within the educative communities of schools in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Hungary. It is a training tool to reflect on ourselves and “the others” and to observe the globalized world we are living in, acknowledging the interdependence between the different parts of the world, breaking prejudices and practicing solidarity  beyond distances.

Sensibilizing the educative community on the living conditions and unbalances between poverty and wealth within countries and compared to the West. The focus is on Latin American countries, notably on the situation of children, young people and women in rural areas, of native peoples, of migrants and ethnic minorities as well as of groups traditionally excluded from educational, social, cultural or health care opportunities.

The educative communities of 7 cities in 4 European countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany).

Expected results

The project will develop a shared methodology for Development Education available to the educative communities  of European cities, by producing educational materials and organizing information sessions for teachers and students
The project “Lights for global citizenship” will work out an active didactic proposal encouraging to know and critically reflect on our near reality to relate it with other far realities. The proposed contents encompass four key thematic lines:

  • Migration
  • Discrimination
  • Children’s rights
  • Environment

7 schools of the Province of Milan actively participated to the proposed thematic paths, and developed their own communication proposals based on products realized by students.

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