Project MAD – MAKE A DIFFERENCE! intends to strengthen the ability of young people to become leaders in promoting sustainable development in their communities.

In fact, young people are the target that will suffer the most from the consequences of climate change. According to a survey by the World Economic Forum, 48.8% of young people have chosen “climate change” as their No.1 concern worldwide and 74% can already feel the effects. Young people ask for information, skills and true allies to work towards meaningful systemic change.

MAD! also creates opportunities for North-South and South-South cooperation, for the exchange, comparison and innovation of practices, developing alongside the skills of young people, youth workers and civil society organizations.

1.Strengthen the skills and practices of NGOs working with young people:

  • in addressing the needs of disadvantaged young people and supporting them in the acquisition of skills by exploring and guiding environmental sustainability practices
  • in strengthening the resilience of young people by promoting their active participation in society and supporting sustainable development
  • in promoting social innovation and change at rural / urban level

2.Increase the decision-making power of young people: empower young people as key actors in local communities, strengthening their ability to make their voices heard and defend climate change.

3.Strengthen local and global intersectoral networks by promoting youth-led eco-development and promoting the benefits of youth engagement in sustainable development

Youth workers, local stakeholders and over 300 young people in Italy, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Over 3,000 young people will be reached locally and globally thanks to communication and awareness campaigns.

Project activities

To achieve the set objectives, the following activities will be promoted:

  • Capacity building to train young people on effective methods and tools for youth work, as well as on sustainable environmental practices to address climate change and promote sustainable development goals.
  • Pilot activities at local level – support youth leaders in the design and implementation of activities for young people and local communities aimed at raising awareness on climate change, environmental sustainability and eco-development and show the active role of young people as leaders and managers of change.
  • Job shadowing in Vietnam and Sri Lanka to closely follow the planning of the first phase of local activities and to support partner organizations.
  • Youth exchange where young people can develop skills and knowledge in environmental practices, participation in decision-making, digital / ICT communication.
  • Communication campaigns designed and implemented by young people at the local level in the 3 countries involved to raise awareness on the chosen environmental issues and the importance of youth leadership in the decision-making process Public conference to disseminate the project results among a wide range of local, national and transnational stakeholders from the 3 partner countries (public authorities, youth organizations, etc.). The conference will also be an opportunity for a shared launch of the global communication campaign.