Europe represents the first destination for migration flows worldwide. According to the data of the International Organization for Migration (October 2016), arrivals to Italy and Greece alone represent 94% of the 335.807 total arrivals in 2016. The capacity to grant a full integration of the migrants and to promote their contribution to economic growth in Europe are thus of primary importance. The EU’s Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan states that fostering entrepreneurship among migrants is a fundamental target, and recognizes migrant entrepreneurs as a fundamental element for sustainable growth and employment in European countries. Also the Directive 2009/50/EC of the 2009 Council underlines the importance of migrants as entrepreneurs, stating that their creativity and ability to innovate must be empowered. Under this aspect, the situation in Europe varies from countries that have already implemented successful programs for the migrants’ integration into their social and economic sphere (Germany, Belgium) to others that are still working to best develop the skills and abilities of young migrants (Italy, Finland).

The general objective of the project is to create, improve and promote wider dissemination of support programs for young migrant entrepreneurs, creating an environment where they can catch opportunities, enhance their knowledge and skills, and start successful enterprises.
The main specific objectives of the projects are:
– to identify factors of success, challenges and obstacles for young migrants who want to start an enterprise, as well as good practices at the European level that can be considered a benchmark in this field;
– to promote the networking between the partnership and the surrounding environment, in order to share experiences, knowledge, etc., and with the aim of creating an environment which is favourable to migrant entrepreneurship
– to reach for and involve young migrants who want to become entrepreneurs or support the growth of their enterprise.

The beneficiaries of the project are young migrants aged 18-34 who have been living in a EU country for at least one year, willing to start an enterprise. A particular attention will be devoted to women. Around 120 migrants will benefit from a training and mentoring program within the project

Planned activities

To reach the above objectives, the following activities will be promoted:

  • – market and stakeholder analysis in the 4 partner countries, with the goal of analyzing the market, the reasons of low presence of migrants in the entrepreneurial field, the obstacles, the challenges and the factors of success for migrant entrepreneurship. We will also try to detect the best practices at the European level in those fields and to -map the skills qualifications that are necessary for young migrant entrepreneurs.
  • widespread involvement of young migrant entrepreneurs in partner countries through tools such as website, online and offline communication, local events to raise awareness, diffusion of past experiences and role models, etc…;
  • Design and realization of a training program online and offline, which includes internship programs for the young migrants participating in the initiative. In particular, the training program will be based on ENTRECOMP, the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, intermediate and advanced level.
  • Realization of a mentoring program for young migrants recipients of the training program, online and offline, with the possibility to carry out a “on the job training” at mentoring institutions. Moreover, “pitch” events will be promoted at the end of the program, together with a business plan of the resources necessary to start the presented enterprises.

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