About 50% of young European aged between 15 and 19 attend technical or vocational schools. However, there are great differences in the European VET systems, they are often characterized by low attractiveness and considered a second choice option. Quality and relevance to the needs of the labour market are equally variable, with a skills shortage increased by low percentage of work-based learning, low involvement of businesses and low levels of international mobility (EU VET Strategy 2015-2020).

Based on these data, the European Commission’s opinion on the future of VET beyond 2020 indicates the following challenges:

  • Rapid technological developments trigger dynamic changes in skill requirements.
  • Mitigating the effects of climate change requires adequate technological developments and professional skills.
  • New business models (eg “sharing economy”) influence traditional forms of entrepreneurship and the consequent development of skills.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals also have an impact on vocational education systems and their content.

The RARE R.O.U.T.E.S. – Responsible Original Unpolluting Tourism Entrepreneurship project aims to strengthen the knowledge, skills and competences – even at entrepreneurial level – of students of Technical and Vocational Secondary Schools for Tourism in the field of responsible tourism, thus reinforcing their employability and their role as change-makers in their communities.

The project also fosters dialogue, synergies, cooperation and exchange of good practices at European level in the field of responsible tourism and between labour market, schools and civil society

  • About 150 students, 14-19 years old, of Technical and Vocational Secondary Schools for Tourism
  • About 70 teachers and trainers of tourism and related subjects, as well as youth workers
  • Public and private organizations operating in the tourism and responsible tourism sector, such as local authorities, tourism offices, tour operators, companies, youth organizations, etc.

Project activities

  • Training courses for teachers, trainers and youth workers about responsible tourism and start-ups creation
  • Creation and test by students of responsible tourism itineraries in partner countries
  • Summer school and “on the job” experiences for students in the responsible tourism sector
  • Creation of multi-actor local networks in the field of responsible tourism
  • Training modules for students on responsible tourism.
  • An educational digital game about creating start-ups in the responsible tourism sector
  • A digital system of recognition of the skills acquired by students in the sector of responsible tourism and start-ups creation
  • 3 dissemination events of the project results, one in each partner country

For more information about RARE R.O.U.T.E.S. project: https://progettotravelmanager.it/it/e-rare-routes/