Let’s seed the future: new learning and new knowledge for food Sovereignty

Inflation and erosion of purchasing power, spreading of one-person families, reduction of time available to cook, are causing the diffusion of poor-quality, ready-made or frozen foods, inconsistent with local traditions. Young generations do not know the meaning of ‘seasonal food’ or ‘0 kilometer’and are often educated, for the above mentioned reasons, to unconscious food lifestyle. Urban residents tend to show food behaviors based on low prices, little time available, a range of market criteria inducing unconscious options.  Few people strive  to purchase  local, 0 kilometer and seasonal products, while the majority simply don’t care for what they eat. This affects first one’s health, and in a wider perspective, environmental equilibria.

To promote the diffusion and sharing of information on issues related to food sovereignty, encouraging collective participation and the adoption of sustainable lifestyles, based on an approach focused on human rights. Respect, solidarity and responsibility towards the human kind and the planet..

The project is addressed to students of 42 classes of every  order and level  of the metropolitan area involved in the research-action, students of 150 classes of every  order and level  as concerns the sensibilization activities and 47 teachers.
The students’ parents have also been involved in the activities, as well as the associations, bodies and groups dealing with food sovereingty in Milan (ethical purchasing groups, urban gardens, fair trade shops, farmers’ consortia, etc)


Activities with schools: favored in-depth analysis of food sovereingty and sharing of experiences, skills and perspectives through research-action activities in 42 classes, sensibilization activities for students of 150 classes in 9 areas of decentralization of Milan;

Established a city network: strengthened the network’s operation and sharing between schools, associations, bodies and nonprofit organizations working on the issue of food sovereignty. Established a web platform to identify, in each area of Milan, also relying on social networks, any reality actively dealing with the issues of food sovereignty, local events, exchanges and education to global citizenship.

Activity with citizens: involved citizens of Milan and Lombardy on the issues of food sovereignty in preparation of Expo 2015. Created a map of the metropolitan area of Milan indicating the places relevant to food sovereignty such as gardens, farmsteads, shops, restaurants, associations, etc., where food is produced, consumed and distributed according to the principles of sustainability, 0 kilometer, organic farming, healthy,  fair, self-produced food, with reduced environmental impact. The map has been implemented online as well as e in an application for smartphones and tablets.

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