With this project, ICEI intends to strengthen its intervention in Mozambique, and specifically in the district of Mocubela, where it has been working since 2017, alongside implement traditional activities for the protection and restoration of degraded ecosystems (mangrove forests, forests, and consequently marine and river ecosystems), the use of sustainable production practices to ensure the preservation of natural resources (land, water, fish resources), on which the present and future survival of farmers and their families depend.
Specifically, we intend to integrate the proposed Agroforestry Systems, beekeeping (very important both as an economic activity in support of income, but also as an ecological practice for the sustainability of ecosystems), the distribution of improved stoves for a lower consumption of wood, and finally the promotion of a campaign on mother-child nutrition and dissemination on climate change adaptation practices.

  • Improve the food security and habitat of 100 rural families belonging to vulnerable categories in the District of Mocubela, with particular attention to maternal and child nutrition, through “climate-smart” production activities
  • Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable populations due to climate change emergencies in Mozambique
  • 50 beekeeper
  • 1.000 women receiving improved stoves
  • 5.000 people reached by the campaign messages on mother-child nutrition