ICEI has implemented many actions aimed at supporting an integrated rural development in Sri Lanka, focusing on the food supply chain and community-based responsible tourism. Building on the results achieved so far, this project will contribute to the development of local productive system, in particular in the districts of Ampara and Monoragala (among the poorest of the country), by supporting the establishment and growth of small and micro-enterprises, cooperatives and social businesses in the sectors of agro-industry and eco-tourism.
The project is based on building on previous achievements, including the start-up of Ecowave in 2012: it is a joint Italian-Srilankan social enterprise, and the considerable experience gained in producing and marketing organic rice and spices. Ecowave ( was created to ensure the sustainability and development of community-based rural micro-enterprises, established by small farmers’ associations born and strengthened with ICEI’s contribution. Its mission is to ensure the cohesion of small producers of the East coast of Sri Lanka, by favoring networking and facilitating product marketing. In addition, it supports sustainable and eco-compatible farming, with nourishing and quality products.

This action intends to contribute to the solution of social and economic problems of vulnerable rural people of Sri Lanka, enhancing the conditions for endogenous local development, in particular in the Departments of Ampara and Monaragala.

This project is implemented together with a network of local actors including: local authorities, social businesses, cooperatives, farmers associations and research centers. Such actors are both actors and beneficiaries of the action, in a participative perspective.
The wide range of categories of beneficiaries includes local authorities of 7 villages in the 2 concerned districts, local departments of agriculture, at least 250 micro- and small enterprises in the agrofood and tourism industries, nearly 1200 small marginal farmers and operators/employed  in the tourism industry, nearly 5000 rice farmers, who will have access to a new technology (liquid biofertilizer), at least 10,000 people reached by sensibilization campaign.

Achieved results

  1. Reinforcement of agricultural governance through actions aimed at favoring public-private synergies , by actively involving the public sector in effectively responding to the needs of the agricultural industry and its requirements of services.
  2. Improvement of productive conditions, by a supply chain approach: from farmer training on good farming practices, to providing them with inputs to start and diversify production, to the establishment of two production units:
    • A spice processing unit, to create value-added and cut the supply chain from the producer to the consumer
    • A unit for producing a liquid biofertilizer for rice, to enhance local agricultural production.
    • The action also involves the tourist industry, to widen and reinforce the supply of eco-agrotourism services offered by Ecovawe Travels, the travel branch of Ecowave (
  3. Improved market conditions and marketing development: identification of distribution channels, marketing, branding, networking between micro-and small enterprises to strengthen their contractual power and therefore profit margins.

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