The initiative promotes a European partnership formed by a transnational network of entities committed to citizens participation, social and labour inclusion, and entrepreneurship of vulnerable groups, such as people of foreign origin and second generation young people.
The project proposal includes three different types of subjects, corresponding to three different areas of expertise:

  • services supporting enterprise
  • associations committed to the third sector
  • public bodies.

Through the confrontation between actors coming from different sectors and through the path proposed by the project, the initiative will offer the possibility for 80 aspiring young entrepreneurs to attend training courses and incubation, particularly focusing on social entrepreneurship and new technologies. The project will also be the occasion to share best practices in the field of labor and social inclusion, self-entrepreneurship and business ideas at a local and European level  between the partners involved in the project.

  • To strengthen the skills of third sector associations and public / private entities (local authorities, incubators, etc.) through the promotion of pathways and innovative methodologies and the development of specific skills related to the accompaniment of potential young entrepreneurs in situations of social exclusion.
  • To strengthen the training / accompanying methodologies of territorial systems of Milan, Lisbon and Madrid, leveraging the diverse skills of heterogeneous subjects that will be coordinated with a view to multi-sectoral collaboration, to effectively reach target audiences identified.
  • To apply training and incubation developed through the tools and training methodologies elaborated to 80 young aspiring entrepreneurs, who will benefit from capacity building courses and support to start-up business, with focus on social entrepreneurship and new technologies. These paths will then be used in favor of a higher number of beneficiaries within the activities carried out every day of the incubator centers and associations of the third sector.
  • To strengthen the comparison at local and European level and the exchange of good practices, actively involving stakeholders in the three territories are involved in different levels of socio-economic inclusion of young citizens.

The beneficiaries are young people at risk of social and economic exclusion, in particular young people from suburban areas, originating in third countries and second generations young people. Target audience is composed of young people not currently engaged in training or working activities, particularly affected by problems such as stagnation and lack of innovation, social exclusion, income poverty, scarce valorization of the skills, difficulty to access the labor market.

Planned activities

In the first phase of the project the creation of a Steering Committee is expected; it will be composed by representatives of the partner entities who will meet at distance and during the three transnational meetings of the project, one for each partner city.
Three training meetings are also planned for the operators of third sector associations and the technical training / accompaniment bodies involved in the project.
Three routes will be activated aimed at training 80 young people in the three cities involved in the project. At the end of the training 15 companies will benefit from an incubation path of their business idea.
At the end of the training phase and incubation, the partners will evaluate the proposed methodology and will discuss problems and measures of potential improving. The emerging observations will be integrated within a specific methodological document – one for each phase –  and will make up the final report that will be object of dissertation.
Three local seminars will be organized for public entities, service providers (Chambers of Commerce, incubators, help desks, etc.), third sector associations, representatives of youth groups, migrants associations and other bodies involved in the field of supporting  socio-economic inclusion of young people, for a total of 30 participants for each city.
Three international seminars will be realized in the three cities involved in the project with the aim of promoting information on the issue of labor inclusion of vulnerable youth, sharing methodologies and tools emerged in the early stages of the initiative, identifying good practices emerged within the project, presenting the video spots produced within the project.

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