The project “Free of rumors youth spaces. Young protagonists against discrimination” promotes experimental and innovative paths of youth activation aimed at increasing the civic leadership of young people and their intellectual and social potential for combating discrimination within the spaces of aggregation, creating places “free from prejudice”.

In particular, the project experiments with paths on the theme of combating discrimination using the innovative anti-noise methodology promoted by the Council of Europe, of which ICEI was one of the first promoters in Italy. The initiative will be implemented in 8 Italian municipalities that are members of the Città del Dialogo Network, the Italian network of intercultural cities of which ICEI is the technical coordinator.

The project has two objectives:

• in the short term it aims to promote non-formal education paths that will allow young people to return to sharing physical spaces and to contribute to the creation of 16 youth centers “free from prejudice”, in 8 Italian cities

• in the long term, through collaboration with local authorities and civil society organizations, it aims to improve the skills and tools used by youth workers and municipal staff and to create the conditions to promote networking and the adoption of effective practices in favor of young recipients.

The beneficiaries of the project are: young people between 16 and 25, especially young people at risk of social exclusion youth workers active in youth aggregation centers.

Project activities

To achieve the objectives of the project the following activities will be implemented: • Training of 16 youth workers, active in community centers, on the subject of non-formal education aimed at combating discrimination and in particular on the anti-noise methodology. • Creation of anti-noise courses in 16 youth centers in 8 Italian cities aimed at combating discrimination and creating spaces for aggregation “free from prejudice”. • Production of anti-noise communication materials by young people and implementation of a “peer-to-peer” communication campaign. • Realization of events in the 8 cities on the theme of combating discrimination, open to local communities, and with the involvement of young people from the community centers. • Dissemination of the experience and creation of a national network of anti-noise youth.