Unite for Change: Navigating the Global Climate Emergency Together

MAD, Make The Difference!

What we’re doing

Project MAD – MAKE A DIFFERENCE! involves youth in 3 different countries, Italy, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, strengthening the ability of young people to become leaders in promoting sustainable development in their communities.

It creates opportunities for North-South and South-South cooperation, for the exchange, comparison and innovation of practices, developing alongside the skills of young people, youth workers and civil society organizations, united for making the difference in fighting global warming!

  • Grow for making the difference: capacity building to train young people

  • Collaborate for a better future: job shadowing in Vietnam and Sri Lanka and youth exchange in Vietnam to learn and share practices and ideas

  • Mobilizing for a sustainable future: support youth leaders in the design and implementation of activities for young people and local communities at raising awareness on climate change

  • Bring awareness to higher climate: communication campaigns designed and implemented by young people at local level in the 3 countries to raise awarenes on climate change and environmental problems


Faster global action for climate


More affected areas since 2014

Let’s Make The Difference Together!

Methodological Framework

Guide For Climate Activists

Video Trailer

Video Documentary

Local awareness Campaings

Photo Gallery

Climate emergency affects all of us

How can we have an impact? Have a look at the Video Tutorial our local youth teams created to explain how to be an activist!

How global warming is affecting our earth.

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Forging Paths!

Tackling the Climate change Emergency though local awareness campaigns

Plastic free in Turistic destinations!

Look at the campaign the Sri Lankan Team did!

Raise awareness in the extended community!

Look at the campaing the Vietnamese team did!

Slow fashion for the future!

Look at the campaign the Italian Team did!

Our planet’s SOS: Mobilizing for a sustainable future

Guide for environmental activists agaist climate change.

Strategies are used to activate others to drive change