Every experience, every human interaction, every journey near or far, is a way to discover the world and other people, experience diversity, value differences, learn and grow.

Through this contest we want to collect the faces, the smiles, the looks of the people who taught us something significant, meaningful or particular in life: it could have been during one of our travels, in a meeting, in our daily life, in a peculiar situation with our family, at work, with friends.

It can be a saying, a teaching, a culinary habit or a recipe, a way of greeting, a behaviour or a habit, a value, the knowledge of a fruit or a flower, a story from one’s past. People who taught us a new way of being in the world, looking at the sky, living work, nurturing a passion, understanding nature, relating with others, walking barefoot or dancing: the world talks to us and teaches us every day in the most different ways.

Through the activities we carry out every day, we at ICEI know that enhancing the enormous wealth of knowledge, experiences and cultures of our planet is an invaluable resource for building a fair, supportive, inclusive and sustainable world. Being active in international cooperation means, for us, giving life to a reciprocal and circular exchange of knowledge with people from all the countries we meet every day. We are convinced that a local solution can virtuously transform itself into a global model and vice versa. Every single knowledge enriches the collective cultural baggage, in all directions.


From 5 october to 19 november 2021

1° Prize

Participation in a one-week travel experience in Mozambique, together with ICEI staff, visiting the cooperation projects active in the country.

2° Prize

Scholarship to cover the costs for participation in the Responsible Tourism Course, organized by AITR – Italian Association for Responsible Tourism.

Being a citizen of the world means living and enhancing diversity.

The heritage of knowledge and cultures that exists on our planet is an invaluable resource and push for building a sustainable, equitable and inclusive world.

With this contest we want to raise everyone’s awareness about the importance, richness and uniqueness of reciprocal and circular teachings: the world and other people, those different from us, speak to us and transmit small or big lessons to us in life.

The competition jury is composed by professionals from the photographic and journalistic sectors. Online votes on our social channels will also help decree the winners!

Win and come with us to Mozambique! We are waiting for you!


  • Choose 1 to 3 photos which deepen the THEME of the photo contest .

  • Upload them using the form below or send them to

  • Add a description about what you learned and a short bio.

  • Good luck!


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Name each photo with your name followed by a number (example "Mario_Rossi1").
In the following sections match every description with the right photo using the number.

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